Online Photography Tuition

Our Online Photography Tuition can be customised to suit your specific needs and interests. We will discuss basic features of your camera such as shutter speeds, aperture control and ISO and a whole host of other photographic functions and techniques. Private online tuition is hosted by Robert Filippi and Krystal Seigerman via Zoom.

We will be in contact prior to the session so we can plan ahead to maximise the time and cover as many subjects as possible.

When booking please note that we are based in Brisbane and Melbourne.

In the event that a session is disrupted by poor internet or similar problems we will give you the opportunity to reschedule, sorry there are no refunds once a session has begun.

Please note that neither Penny Koukoulas Photography nor the Owner are responsible for the quality of the Zoom interface or the quality of communications between a student and a tutor using Zoom.

Zoom is a third party communications solution and is in no way the responsibility of Penny Koukoulas Photography


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