Brisbane Photography Courses

Brisbane Photography Course for Beginners – 3 Hours

Brisbane Photography Courses for Beginners is a fun and educational photography workshop that takes you on a walking tour of the city of Brisbane. Improve your creative eye, understand light and be trained on how to use some of the settings on your camera.

For 3 hours you will be guided by Robert Filippi on how to take better photographs. With a keen focus on lighting and composition, which is the key elements to great photography.

On this photography course we show you how to have more control of your camera without it being too complicated. You’ll be using the program mode.

On the day you will be taken to some of Brisbane’s most beautiful landmarks to practice your new photography skills.

You will be shown some easy ways to take great photos and be given guidance to improve your photographic skills to the next level.


Brisbane Night Photography Course – 2 Hours

Brisbane’s Night Photography Workshop is a fun photography course running from dusk for 2 hours.

You will learn how to take spectacular night photos on this top quality course run by Robert Filippi with over 30 Years experience in the industry.

You will be shooting in manual mode and shown the benefits of manual shooting.

Max group is 6


Manual Photography Course – 4 Hours

Brisbane’s  Manual Photography Course is a fun and educational class that takes you on a photography walking tour.

By using and understanding the manual mode along with other settings  on your camera, you will improve your photography.

Master the manual mode with Robert Filippi so you can achieve the exact results you are looking for.


 Private Photography Course – 2 Hours

Private Photography Lessons are customized for you so you can learn the type of photography you are interested in and learn at your own pace.

You have a choice of doing a 2 hour session or a 4 hour session that is split into 2 sessions of 2 hours each with the option of having homework in between your lessons.

We can choose the location for you, give you suggestions or you can choose a location. If your chosen location is more than 5km out of the CBD radius a travel fee will apply.


Custom Private Photography Courses and Photography Tours

Penny Koukoulas Photography offers custom lessons and tours upon request.

We are happy to offer you custom designed photography lessons and photography tours both nationally and internationally.

Prices would be upon application. Please contact us with your plans and we can give you more details of what we can offer to suit your needs.

Prices start at $250 for custom lesson and tours.

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