Reviews for Penny Koukoulas Photography

Penny has a great eye and genuinely cares for her students, is interested in their work and teaches in a organised and relaxed style. I would highly recommend her to teach photography or as a professional photographer.

Guy Little Professional Photographer & Artist

Penelope is a detailed focused worker with great rapport. Penelope great eye for aesthetics and composition, combined with her technical skills make her an asset. I would highly recommended her.

Samantha Everton Photo Artist

Penelope has a great talent for fantastic photographic composition as well being dedicated, utterly trustworthy and hardworking. She has a solid grasp of the photographic process from brief to completion and produces great work.

Paul Gibbs Director, ColourSpace Aviation

Such an amazing course. Penny was so informative and helpful. We learnt so much in such a short amount of time. The photos I took in the day actually surprised me, as I didn’t think I could take anything that good! Thanks Penny! Strongly recommend. Will be coming back for more classes.

George Preece

I learnt a lot of basic photographic skills that I had not known before. Things like playing around with white balance, ISO settings, Flash and Exposure settings, importance of shutter speeds etc were all new to me and the course has totally justified its title. I was very content with this course. Penny is a great teacher and she’s got a great deal of experience and passion in her industry. I am very thankful that I have done this course.

Lydia Lazar

Penny’s evening photography course was excellent. She is very helpful and patient with us. I learnt valuable things with my camera in the first minutes of the course! The tricks she showed us were really memorable, and I was really happy with her constant checking that we understood the settings were changing on our camera, cementing it in our minds. Penny was very approachable and very knowledge. She made such a good impression that I’ll be looking to attend another of her workshops later in the year!

James Moffat

Penny is talented in many aspects of photography, with a high degree of professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend Penny.

Robert Filippi

I had such a positive experience with Penny, she has a wonderful way to teach beginners the way around a camera and understanding the functions. I feel a lot more confident in my ability to be able to take great photos. Thank you for a wonderful day. I will definitely attend more of her workshops!

Roxy Jachim
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